Archeology in Muggia: discover ancient history

The origins of Muggia from prehistoric ruins The oldest traces of Muggia appear to be the castelliere of Elleri, an important archeological site, located on the peak of Monte Castellier, where early settlements have been documented. Excavations between the 1980s and 1990s, restored the original structure of the site, but only a limited part marking […]

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Discover the Castle on Muggia’s hill

From a fortification to a private home: explore this magic location Imposing, severe and rectangular sandstone in its form, the castle stands out in a dominant position with respect to the little historic port of muggia said “mandracchio”. The family living there organizes guided tours to share the history of this castle, which will be […]

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The magic of Rosenfeld Sponges

A centenary business revealed to us To date it is the oldest Sponge Processing Company in Europe, and has made the processing of sea sponge a point of excellence for hundred years. You can now have a tour of the company to discover its operations and products directly from the family which has been processing […]

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Beethoven’s notes in the center of Muggia

Nel cuore di Muggia una ricchissima collezione su Beethoven A very rich collection on Beethoven in the center of Muggia Thanks to the Carrino family, Muggia hosts an extraordinary collection on the great German Master who expressed his will to come and visit our coast to enjoy the oysters that came from the deep inlet […]

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Muggia Vecchia: discovering the Sanctuary

Friends of Muggia Vecchia tell us their secrets Muggia was established on top of the hill and today one can visit the ancient Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, admire its frescoes, and stroll through the Archaeological Park. Thanks to the Friends of Muggia Vecchia Association, this area is valorized while tours and workshops are organized […]

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