The Scheriani winery is located on a hillock behind Muggia among the green olive trees, from the centuries-old tradition of local oil and wine production.

A territory rich in history

Dating back to the middle of the 19th century, the bourgeoisie in Muggia and Trieste began to sell the lands of Darsella to collect the money necessary for investments in the Shipyards of Muggia that were being established in that period. One of these lands was purchased by the Milloch family, a land on which almonds, olives, cherries and vine cultivations were already cultivated and on which the Scheriani farm is now located.
The family has improved the company by reconverting and restructuring plots and farm constructions over the years. Since 1997 the company has been run directly by Fabiana Scheriani and her husband Fulvio Tomini.

A rich production of oil and wine

The Scheriani company produces about 50 hectoliters of wine, the majority of which are Istrian Malvasia and Refosco, but also white and red grapes which are mostly bottled and sold on the farm and in the restaurant. Piccola Negra and Cabernet Sauvignon are some typical products.
Moreover, Scheriani owns 200 olive trees of which a part is over 100 years old and the other was planted in 1970 (70% Bianchera, and the remaining Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio).

Traditional dinner overlooking the Gulf

The essence of the company is the restaurant which offers the marvelous view of the Gulf of Trieste as a starter among the green olive trees; this alone is worth the trip. 
However from March to August you can buy them, but also taste the typical products of the company: wine, oil, fresh fruit, asparagus, raw and roast ham, bacon and cold cuts thanks to the restaurant that prepares traditional dishes, for a typical traditional peasant food, such as Jota and Bobici (bean and corn soup), a series of dishes including homemade gnocchi (dumplings), omelettes, grilled meats, the ‘Calandraca‘ (meat and potato meal) and roasted food.