Muggia’s charm lies between the sea and hills: the white Istrian stones and colored houses generate harmony amidst the surrounding green setting.

The small dock of Muggia opens on the last strip of Italian land, whose Venetian style is resumed between the streets and squares that characterize it and recount its millennial history.

Saturdays in Muggia

On the last Saturday of the month come to Muggia to experience a special day full of unique experiences!

The origins of Muggia

Early settlements on the hill dates back to the bronze ages around 1660 B.C.E, when the Castelliere (hill-fort) at Elleri which can still be visited was built. As proven by the archeological excavates, the town significantly developed on the hill in this period.

At the beginning of the Middle Ages in 931 C.E, it was donated by the Italian kings to the Patriarcs of Aquileia, to maintain their independence as the town extends downstream, while the Roman Cathedral of Santa Maria dell’Assunta stands on the hill with its byzantine frescoes.

Venetian rule

There are various similarities with Venice: in fact the town was governed by Venice from 1300 for almost 400 years and became the Venetians’ stronghold in Istria against the neighboring Trieste of the Asburgs.

The dialect, costumes, traditional food and in particular the architecture are part of Muggia today. The narrow streets in the center are known as “calli”, the facades are decorated with Venetian family emblems, while Piazza Marconi, a typical Venetian “campiello” (small square) is right in the center of the town, dominated by the Cathedral and the Municipality.

The small harbor: maritime origins

Muggia is still popular for fishing as proven by the excellent fish restaurants all over.

The town overlooks the sea behind Piazza del Duomo and the small harbor, the ancient port once fortified against attacks from the sea. The picturesque marina runs along the coast and is the ideal place for a walk to have a glimpse of the town on sunny days.

Between the sea and nature

Muggia is not only rich in history. You can enjoy the sea and hills which offer various activities to enjoy open air activities and sports and stroll along the sea to the border and beyond. Another option is cycling and diving with Muggia’s inhabitants who have the habit of coming here. The trekking and biking routes surrounding the town and over the hills disclose a natural landscape and amazing views.

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