The Lenardon farm in Muggia produces extra virgin olive oil and high quality local wine, reflecting the flavors of the area.

The territory, olive tree and Lenardon family

The Lenardon family has been producing oil for over 100 years, but the trees are much older. Trees in the province of Trieste are thought to be more than 2,000 years old, as proven by an old Roman mill that came to light during excavations in the ancient city. The cold winds in the Karst plateau, the warm sun of Istria and sea breeze of the Gulf of Trieste create the ideal microclimate for the cultivation of olives and vines in this territory.

Subsequently, the oil of Trieste was highly appreciated and brought to the court of Vienna, so much so that in the municipality of Muggia in 1833, 3 mills operated within the walls of the town and two outside, one in Crevatini and one in Elleri.
The severe freeze of 1929 however, killed the olive trees but new plants grew from the stumps and the patriarch of the Lenardon family since then dedicated his time to make them grow and plant new trees which are now 90 years old. After the Second World War following the creation of the new Italian borders, the only remaining oil mill was in Yugoslav territory, and so the olives were crushed in the nearest oil mill, located in Bassano del Grappa. In the 1970s, an old oil mill in S. Dorligo della Valle was restored and then replaced with a new and more modern one in the 1980s.

Istrian Wine

This land exposed to the south has various small vines where a wine shaped by the freshness of the cold winds of the Karst Plateau, the warmth of the Istrian sun and the impact of the sea in ​​the Gulf of Trieste is produced.
Moscato, Malvasia and Refosco are the three most traditional vines in this area and produce wines for different events: fresh whites to accompany fish, intense reds for traditional high fat meat dishes. You can buy Lenardon’s wines from stores in Trieste but for a unique experience it is worth contacting the family for a tour in the company, to admire the production techniques, taste the products and learn about the experiences of a family that has dedicated its life to quality and excellence in the production of typical local products for centuries.

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