From a fortification to a private home: explore this magic location

Imposing, severe and rectangular sandstone in its form, the castle stands out in a dominant position with respect to the little historic port of muggia said “mandracchio”. The family living there organizes guided tours to share the history of this castle, which will be recounted here.

The origins of the castle

The dignified building dates back to 1374 when the Patriarch Marquardo di Randek decided to send Federico di Savorgnan to Muggia with the intent to put an end to the infighting between different patriarchine and Venetian factions. Once the city is occupied, the construction of the castle started. Muggia downstream chose to submit to the Republic of Venice in the fights between the Patriarch of Aquileia, Massimilano I and Trieste.
In 1413 the troops of King Sigismund of Hungary, at the request of Patriarch Antonio Da Ponte, who occupied Muggia, Commander of the troops of the Archduke Massimiliano I, relying on a large and well-stocked army, moved to the assault of Muggia.
Until 1700, the castle remained a military defense construction and fell into neglect until 1900 when it was purchased by a doctor, Giacomo Derossi, who expanded the internal part to create a private home.

Visita al castello

The Bossi family and the castle’s reconstruction

The castle was purchased by Villi Bossi in 1991, notwithstanding the fact that it had fallen back to oblivion and great degradation. The love and care of its current owners restored the castle to its old beauty and charm after years of hard work. In particular, the ancient walkway is once more accessible, from which you can now admire a stunning view of the gulf.
The castle of Muggia is now the home and lab of the sculptor Villa Bossi and is open for art, culture, music and poetry, hosting meetings, events and manifestations. The Bossi family now organizes evenings of poetry and music so that these walls, once only used for defense, are now used as the fortress of the “Soul”.

Living in a castle

We all wonder what it is like to live in a castle and who knows how many of us dream to have this wish come true. This dream came true for the Bossi family in 1991 and since then they have worked hard to restore the castle to its former glory. This castle is not just their home but a passion which they love sharing with visitors of Muggia who look up at the castle wondering what it is like inside…
You can now visit the castle during various guided tours organized by the family. In particular tours are included during the Special Saturdays in Muggia. Have a look to know more and book your tour HERE.