Nel cuore di Muggia una ricchissima collezione su Beethoven

A very rich collection on Beethoven in the center of Muggia
Thanks to the Carrino family, Muggia hosts an extraordinary collection on the great German Master who expressed his will to come and visit our coast to enjoy the oysters that came from the deep inlet of Muggia to Vienna (Conversation Notebook IV, 1819, p. 16 °). The collection can now be visited to know more about it.

Ludwig van Beethoven, Master of music

Ludwig van Beethoven was a Master of music, pianist and composer widely considered to be one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time. He was born in 1770, in the city of Bonn Germany, but lived in Vienna for several years and was the last prominent figure of Classical music in Vienna. Widely considered one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time, he continued to compose, conduct and play music while deaf before turning thirty.
He left a fundamental musical production, extraordinary for expressive strength and for the ability to evoke emotions.

Collezione di libri

Carrino collection and the “Biblioteca Beethoveniana”

The Biblioteca Beethoveniana is a large private collection that gathers over 11500 items, essential historical and artistic testimonies about the Master – The family opens its doors to lovers of culture and music for a unique experience. The items, organized in 12 different collections, will help you rediscover the allure and fascination of sculptures, paintings, art prints, antique and contemporary books and editions, historical documents, objets d’art, ex libris and medals, the world of postcards, stamps and picture cards, advertising, kitsch and much more besides.  

How the passion for Beethoven started

The Carrino couple will recount how their passion for Beethoven started years ago and has united them ever since. You will perceive their passion as they guide you to their collection which is now part of the Saturday Events in Muggia. This tour will bring you into the fascinating world of music, history and art recounted with passion by this family. The care with which all the materials and unique pieces are presented through peculiar stories will impress you.

Beethoven Coffee will also be served as the composer used to drink it in a collection coffee set to have a taste of the composer’s passion. Join the tour to discover how it was prepared HERE!